How to send and receive professional emails using Gmail

English FrançaisMost businesses will use Microsoft’s Outlook, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird or another email client to help employees manage their company email. If you are used to such an email client, or simply do not care for the user interface of Google’s Gmail system, you can configure your Gmail account with your email client. Here’s how […]


Cameroon: Web Hosting with FREE SSL CERTIFICATE

English Français  We are happy to inform you that each of our web hosting plans now comes with FREE SSL CERTIFICATE. You can easily install your FREE SSL CERTIFICATE in your control panel in less than 3 minutes. Your website will now have https trusted by web browsers. This improve your search engine ranking, your […] wordpress themes has virus or not

English Franç is becoming a very popular site for nulled premium WordPress themes, plugins. They also have templates for Joomla, Drupal as well as other host of codes. It is important to note that is just one of the many websites offering free premium WordPress themes and plugin download. However, according to […]

How to know who registered a website | Domain name in Cameroon

English FrançaisHave you ever wanted to know the person who registered a website? Well, that is possible. It can be an individual or a legal entity. The information made available includes, the name, email, address, website registration date, website expiry date amongst others. Put any website above to start the search. [whois-domain] Note that some registrants […]


Web Hosting in Cameroon Propagation

English FrançaisPropagation: Creating a web hosting account in Cameroon will propagate depending on your proximity to our servers. When a website is registered, it takes up to 24-72 hours for it to be available globally. This is due to the process called propagation. The length of time it takes for the propagation to finish is known […]