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domain name registrationSecure your domain name and avoid losing it to someone else. Your brand name is important, Register it today. We support a broad range of extensions including but not limited to .com .org .net .biz .eu .nl .fr... We offer a domain name registration tool to help you search and register your domain name. Your domain name should be simple and easy to remember. Your domain name should also reflect your organization's name. Many people may have the same name you have in mind. In fact thousands of domains are being registered as you read this. Time is of essence here. Many companies have been forced to change their names because they wasted time to register their domain name.

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Some website registrants make their information private so as to avoid receiving spam emails. We offer PRIVACY PROTECTION FOR FREE

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We offer Free Domain name privacy protection for each domain name registered with us. This will prevent spammers from sending you unwanted emails When you register a new domain name, your details like name, address and email are registered in a public directory making it available to any on the internet. You can check out the details of any website by using online tools like With domain name name privacy activated we will hide your information from spammers. This service is however aimed at preventing spammers from using your details. It is not to be use to hide identity for illegal use. Your correct information will be provided in case of any abuse of the law of your country While others sell this service, we offer it for Free
This allows you to create email addresses with your newly registered domain name. You can forward emails from this domain to any existing email account of your choice. You can create email address like and forward any email sent to it to You can catch and forward any email sent to your domain name to any chosen email account of your choice. So you can therefore receive any email sent to your domain name as long as the email address ends with
You can forward your newly registered domain name to any other website of your choice. You may have a website and want to forward users to it. For example if you register a domain name like, you can make any person who opens to instead see This most happens when you have many domain names for one website. You can also catch all url. This will enable you to forward all your url's to a domain of your choice. if a personf types by mistake, it will still forward the person to your chosen domain name. Sub Domain url forwarding allows you to forward your sub domain to any url of your choice. Your can forward
Your domain will be locked to prevent any unwanted transfers. When your websites starts gaining lots of traffics, someone may try to steal it by transferring it without your knowledge. With our free domain lock it will not be possible to transfer your domain with your permission.

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