About us

About us

At KalaWebs we make it simple and affordable for you to get a website

Kala Website Services also known as KalaWebs offers a simple and secure solution to get your projects online. We are specialized in domain name registration, web hosting and website development at low cost and high quality. Our experience has permitted us to develop packages to suit your personal or business website projects

Years in the business

Our mission

We aim at provided a trusted service to our clients. In a very competitive market, reliability and simplicity are the tools to beat the market. Our price structure makes us very affordable and attractive to many start up businesses.

Our vision

Your money is valuable, your satisfactions drives us further. You will have a friendly client support and quality service. No hidden fee, no false pretends, you will get what you paid for.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Try one or both of our services and experience a truly customer-centric business model. Where others make customers, we build relationships.