How to Backup and Restore WordPress Multisite using a free Plugin

With the recent event at OVH’s data center, the lesson for every website owner is that we should always keep an off-the-server backup of our website. However, this is just one of the reasons for you to back up your website. Apart from data loss, there are many other reasons why you should consider backing up your website especially with the case of WordPress;

  • In case you make a mistake and need to revert to an older version.
  • Problems as a result of a plugin update.
  • In case your website gets infected or hacked.
  • Easily migrate to another host or another domain name.
  • How to back up your WordPress Website

There are a lot of free plugins when it comes to backing up your WordPress website but in the case of a WordPress Multisite, the free choices get limited. Our Best Free WordPress Multisite Backup plugin is Backup Guard.

WordPress Backup and Migrate Plugin – Backup Guard

Backup WordPress site – backup site as many times as you want
Backup files, database or both
Choose which folders to backup
Choose which database tables to backup
Restore site – restore backups whenever needed
Selective files or database restoration
Download backups – download your backups on your computer
Import backups – upload your backups to restore (no FTP required)
Multisite WordPress Network is supported
Backup cancellation – cancel the backup process
Explore backup or restore log files
Ability to specify custom exclude paths
Ability to exclude database tables
Live progress – precise progress of the current backup or restore
Upload to Dropbox
Scheduled site backups – set up automatic site backups.

Plugin’s Page on WordPress.Org

Plugin’s Official Website

How to Backup WordPress Multisite using Backup Guard


For some reason, I wasn’t able to download my Multisite Backup file directly from Backup Guard’s interface. I linked Backup Guard with my Dropbox before backing up my WordPress Multisite. After the backup completed I then downloaded the backup file from my Dropbox. For the Free, recovery can only be done from a backup file stored locally.

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